Karen Walker, Book is the Window of the World

Books are said to be the window of the world. Bookworms most likely agree with that phrase. Reading a book, whether it's a novel or textbook, can bring many benefits to those who read it. A person can learn a lot of things from a book even from novels or comics. Every person has his/her own favorite novel that he/she loves to read. Some reads their favorite novels more than once but others just like to read it once. Karen walker( Shop Karen Walker Women's Collections of dress, Coat and Tops. ) just like ordinary people, also loves to read novel. She might not look like a hardcore bookworm but she reads a couple of novels at once.

The Kiwi designer likes reading book entitled Bonjour Tristesse andthe Great Gatsby. She claims that it's difficult for her to put down the book when she read Bonjour Tristesse because she really enjoys reading it. It's a classic French light novel about a girl who lived with her amoral father. The novel is full with intrigues between the daughter and the father's mistresses and focus on that point. Karen walker loves the character of Cecile in that story and the overall story of the novel about how Cecile tried her best to put her life with her father back to normal just before his mistresses came. 

Even though she only read the Great Gatsby once, she still remembers the story and like the settings of the story. The setting of the novel itself is in the modern America times and the plot of the story focuses on the problems that often happened in that era. What makes Karen walker( Shop Karen Walker Women's Collections of dress, Coat and Tops.  ) loves the story of the Great Gatsby might be surprising. She loves the great tragedy that happened between Tom and Gatsby. When Tom mistakenly believed that Gatsby was the driver who struck his lover, myrtle, to her death, he, then decided to avenge her by fatally shoot Gatsby before killing himself afterwards. Besides that great tragedy that she adores so much, Karen walker's work has often been inspired by the setting of that novel which is modern America. 

It's not surprising why Karen loves those two novels for they contain many historical elements that truly happened in that era. There are many life lessons that Karen loves from those novels such as how people view the American dream back in that day or how life was difficult for the French aristocrat in the past. Of course, she also loves other novels but these two novels bring more impacts to her point of view about life itself. Karen walker never feels bored reading those two novels, especially Bonjour Tristesse. She reads that book more than once and even until now, sometimes, she still re-reads that book again.

Reading books surely can widen a person's knowledge and view about life. To be selective in choosing a book is a must for not all books are worth to read. Depends on the book itself, it can bring a positive view or even a negative one. Karen walker gets a positive view about life after reading the Great Gatsby and Bonjour Tristesse. She advises those who want to read books to choose a book that can motivate them to do good things in life and make them become a better person.